20 Awesome Gifts for Drummers Under $100

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Finding the perfect gift for a drummer can be a rhythmic challenge, especially if you aren’t a drummer yourself and/or you’re on a budget. Fear not, this guide is written by a drummer to help make your gift shopping easy! 

We’ve compiled a list of 20 awesome gifts for drummers, all under $100. Whether you are shopping for a birthday present, Christmas gift, anniversary, or another special occasion, these gifts are sure to bring a smile to any drummer.

List of 20 Drum Gifts

Drum Shop Gift Card: $10 - $100

Sometimes a gift card is the best type of gift and a credit to a local drum shop surely beats a generic Amazon gift card. There’s a personal touch to the gift, drummers love any excuse to visit their local drum shop, and you’re helping support small businesses. You can’t go wrong with a drum gift card.

If you need help finding a local drum shop to purchase from, check out our list of drum shops to find a shop in your state.

Online Drum Lessons: $20 - $30/month

There are infinite online drum lessons nowadays. Consider gifting a drum lesson subscription for the special occasion. The best place to start is to find out who your recipient’s favorite drummers are and then find out if they have a website that offers lessons. 

Here are a few top rated online drum lessons to consider:

big fat snare drum on floor tom

BFSD is a popular drum accessory every drummer values having. It’s a great tool for studio recording, it makes drums quieter, and it alters the sound of a drum by dampening and giving it a “fat” sound. There are a number of options to choose from, but you can’t go wrong with “The Original” or “Steve’s Donut”.

MoonGels are another popular drum accessory every drummer values having in their arsenal. Drum gels help limit ringing and drum overtones and are excellent for delivering quality tones out of drums for recording, live gigs & everyday use.

Learn about other drum dampening options.

Cymbal sizzlers are a simple yet effective accessory for adding texture to drum cymbals that literally sounds like bacon sizzling over a hot stove. This is an excellent tool for drummers across a wide range of genres and applications. 

Here are a few brands we enjoy:

Another great gift for drummers is a bass drum beater from Low Boy. This company and product niched down and focused on innovating in the kick pedal industry by offering drummers something other than boring black and white drum beaters. Made from quality hardwoods like maple, the Low Boy Beater offers both class behind the drum kit and excellent tone.

Ear plugs are a necessity for protecting drummers from hearing loss and tinnitus. Perhaps not the most exciting gift, but your recipient will be glad you purchased these for them. There are many ear plug brands to consider, but Vibes are an affordable and high quality pair that both protect hearing and help maintain overall sound quality. The biggest complaint with wearing ear plugs is that a drummer’s feel is jeopardized, but we’ve found Vibes to be a great option.

New Drum Heads: $15 - $100

Drum heads are a great gift because they can be a recurring expense for drummers. Overtime, drum heads are meant to be replaced as they wear down, lose tone quality or sometimes even crack. If you choose to go this route for your gift shopping, it’s usually best to ask what type of drum heads a drummer uses. Just like drum kits brands, drummers are typically loyal to a certain drum head manufacturer.

Here are 3 brands and types of drumheads you can’t go wrong with:

Every dedicated drummer needs a quality drum practice pad to keep up with their rudiments and chops. This is also a great tool to have when traveling, warming up for a gig, or when playing a full drum set just isn’t possible. 

Interested in more options? Here’s a great list of drum practice pads compiled by Music Radar.

Cymbal cleaner is something most drummers don’t have laying around, but is important for removing stick marks from cymbals and making them look shiny and new. Consider gifting some cymbal cleaner to your drum relative or friend.

Drum Multi-Tool: $20

A drum multi-tool is like the swiss army knife of drums. Instead of carrying around separate drum keys, allen wrenches and other drum tools, having a single multi-tool is the best route to go and something many drummers don’t have!

New Drumsticks: $15

Every drummer needs a reliable pair of drumsticks and can never have too many. You can’t go wrong with iconic brands like Vic Firth, Promark or Vater. Similar to drum heads, drummers usually have a brand and size preference – typically 5A or 5B. Do some investigating to see what type of sticks a drummer likes to make sure you get the right pair.

A comfortable and adjustable drum throne is essential for long practice sessions, performances and maintaining healthy posture. PDP offers a reliable option that won’t break the bank. If you are looking for something a little extra, purchase a throne with a backrest.

Cymbal, Drum & Stick Bags - Price varies

Keeping drums and cymbals safe and organized with a sturdy bag is a must have, especially for gigging drummers. It helps maintain the longevity of instruments and also makes drummers more professional when showing up to a recording session or gig. Look for one with padded dividers and backpack straps for easy transportation. Alternatively, for a more affordable gift you could purchase a stick bag.

Here are a few drum bags for less than $100:

Every drummer knows how critical a drum rug is when it comes to playing a gig. They help prevent drums from sliding and protect drums from scratching against the floor. Choose a design that complements the drummer’s style and adds a touch of flair to their setup.

Showcase your drummer’s favorite drum heads with a drum head display case. It’s a unique way to celebrate their musical journey and adds a personalized touch to their space. This gives drummers the option to preserve a favorite drum head they played or maybe received from a drum mentor.

Let’s face it, the yellow-stained pillow from 1995 doesn’t complement a beautiful drum kit well. Improve a bass drum’s sound and appearance by adding a kick drum pillow to help control resonance and deliver a focused, punchy sound.

Sure there are mobile apps with metronomes, but having a physical metronome is a timeless item. Metronomes help improve timing and precision which is a vital skill for any drummer. Choose a digital or traditional model based on your drummer’s preference.

Another item many drummers don’t have laying around are extra cymbal felts and sleeves. These are vital to protecting the integrity of a drum cymbal and also impact the sound of a cymbal. Help your drummer avoid metal-on-metal contact with a pack of high-quality cymbal felts and sleeves.

Extend the life of the bass drum head with a kick drum impact patch. This simple accessory helps protect against the wear and tear of the beater. One of the worst things a drummer can experience during a live gig or recording session is when a kick drum beater breaks through a drum head, deeming their bass drum useless. Your favorite drummer will be grateful they had one of these!


As you just learned, finding the perfect gift for a drummer doesn’t have to break the bank. From essential accessories to unique additions that add flair to their kit, these gifts under $100 are sure to make any drummer happy. 

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