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We've consistently pushed and even shattered the boundaries of cymbal design, transcending conventional norms.

In March 2022, Gabriel Martinez founded GM Designs in Austin, Texas, driven by a passion to revolutionize cymbal design. With a commitment to quality and innovation, GM Designs quickly gained recognition for pushing the boundaries of traditional craftsmanship.

Today, GM Designs stands as a rising global leader in the industry, known for its exceptional sound and unparalleled quality, all stemming from Gabriel’s unwavering dedication and expertise.

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Cymbal Design is a pretty niche thing. What were you doing prior to starting your brand?

I drummed professionally for decades, playing across a wide range of music genres from around the world. Like many other drummers, I was always on the constant hunt for new, exciting, and unique sounds. When I couldn’t find them, I decided to design and provide them myself.

What is your general process to designing a cymbal?

It all begins with an idea sparked by my personal experiences or insights gained from fellow drummers.

I discuss this concept extensively with our Artisans, delving into aspects such as design, structure, and potential applications.

Once we’ve reached a finalized concept, we proceed to develop several prototypes. While occasionally achieving success on the first attempt, more often than not, it requires multiple iterations.

Subsequently, we distribute these prototypes to our endorsed artists for rigorous field testing, spanning from intimate club performances to extensive tours.

Concurrently, we employ various channels including social media, word of mouth, and podcasts to generate awareness.

Ultimately, we endeavor to transition the product from our workshop to your doorstep.

What’s been the hardest part about being a cymbal maker and running a business like yours?

Apart from ideas flowing in faster than the funds, the most challenging aspect of being a cymbal maker and running a business like mine is the perpetual shortage of time.

This venture is driven by passion; brimming with innovative concepts and an extensive network of drummers to connect with.

At GM Designs, we prioritize quality over quantity.

I strive to dedicate my personal and thorough attention to each cymbal and drummer, ensuring they receive the care and attention they deserve.

What sets GM Designs apart from the rest?

Numerous factors distinguish us from the competition.

We’ve consistently pushed and even shattered the boundaries of cymbal design, transcending conventional norms.

Moreover, we cater not only to drummers but also to percussionists, crafting instruments tailored to their needs.

Our expertise extends beyond the creation of original cymbals; we also revitalize forgotten concepts, infusing them with new vitality for enthusiasts to rediscover and appreciate.

What is your best selling cymbal(s)?

With new and exciting models launching monthly, our current top sellers are the Neptune Series, renowned for being the thinnest cymbals on the market.

Available in various sizes and customizable through special orders, we’ve also recently introduced a set of splashes to complement the series as the thinnest splashes ever produced. Ideal for drummers and percussionists across all genres and settings.

On the opposite end of the weight spectrum, our 24″ and 26″ Jupiter Series ride cymbals have been consistently difficult to keep in stock. These rides are among the heaviest available, boasting the market’s first and largest bell at 10″.

Subsequently, we’ve developed additional models utilizing this distinctive bell design, offering variations in weight, size, and style.

Jupiter Series
23" nebula cymbal gm designs
23" nebula cymbal
multi bell cmybal
multi bell

Do you have a favorite type of material you use to create cymbals? And what's your favorite part of the cymbal making process?

We utilize a premium B20 alloy, the same alloy employed in crafting every professional-grade cymbal, ensuring exceptional sound quality.

My personal highlight throughout the entire process? Handling and testing the final product, which began as a mere idea.

What can the drum community expect from GM Designs in 2024?

In 2024, our aim is to share more of our inspiration with the masses.

It’s crucial for drummers to experience what we’re creating, and we’re confident they’ll be delighted once they discover us.

Our objective is not to convince you to switch entirely, but rather to enhance your arsenal with our offerings.

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