Rupp’s Drums Interview with Owner Alex Simpson

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2024 is our 40th Anniversary so we are going ALL OUT!

Enjoy our conversation with Alex Simpson, owner of Rupp’s Drums in Denver, Colorado.

We discuss the origin and history of the shop, a funny mishap during a Matt Gartska drum clinic, their top selling products & more. 

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Rupp's History

Founded in 1984 by Bob Rupp, Rupp’s Drums has been the premier drum destination in the Rocky Mountain region for 40 years!

Purchased in 2018 by Denver native Alex Simpson, Rupp’s Drums continues to serve Colorado drummers with unmatched expertise, customer service, event offerings, product selection and atmosphere.

Alex Simpson grew up shopping at Rupp’s Drums and worked at Rupp’s Drums as Sales Manager from 2012-2015 before moving to New York City to play drums professionally. Alex moved back to Denver in 2018 to purchase the store, making the move from full-time drummer to full-time business owner/operator.

The shop offers a massive selection of new, used & vintage drums, cymbals and percussion, drum lessons, repairs and rentals.

They also sponsor Denver’s major annual music festivals and have hosted over 150 drum clinics in the last 6 years!

Now from Alex himself…

Tell us about the shop's location

The shop is located at 2045 S Holly St. and we have been in this building for over 30 years. Before that, the store was located just across the street from our current location.

In 2022, I purchased the building at 2045 S Holly St. (the company had been renting for decades), making 2045 S Holly St. our permanent location!

Every drum shop owner has a good story or two, mind sharing one?

Many of my favorite memories are related to the countless world-class drummers we have hosted over the years.

In 2019, we hosted a packed drum clinic with Matt Garstka and I remember the preparation for the event being particularly challenging.

I was so exhausted when the clinic finally happened that as soon as Matt started playing, I stepped into the green room and accidentally fell asleep on a couch.

When I woke up, the clinic was over and I had to sprint out of the green room to the stage to thank the audience for attending.

I’m told it was a fantastic clinic!

What are the most commonly purchased products at Rupp's?

Accessories like drumsticks, heads, dampening products, etc… are by far the fastest selling products in the shop! We also sell a ton of used cymbals.

We heard 2024 is a big year for your shop, why is that?

2024 is our 40th Anniversary so we are going ALL OUT!

Customers can expect limited edition apparel, special product collaborations, sales, and a huge multi-day event (featuring some incredible drummers) later in the year to celebrate this huge milestone!

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