What to Know about Drums Etc. with Owner, Adam Stec

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Drums Etc. is truly a music hub for local and traveling drummers.

Drums Etc. was started in 1985 by Rick Hamilton. In 2021, the store was purchased by current owner and longtime employee Adam Stec.

The shop is conveniently located in Lancaster, PA and boasts an impressive website serving customers across the globe.

As you’ll learn in this article, Drums Etc. is also active in the drum community hosting an established drum show, masterclasses, drum circles, lessons & more.

We hope you enjoy our interview with owner, Adam Stec, as we discuss everything Drums Etc.

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What can drummers expect when visiting Drums Etc?

Since 2020, Drums Etc. has been located at 2503 Lititz Pike. This location is perfectly nestled between Lancaster City and Lititz, two main hubs for music in Pennsylvania.

Drums Etc. has had 4 locations, each move, following the current needs and wants of local drummers! Truly a drummers pro shop built for, run by, and loved by drummers.

The shop itself is made up by several rooms featuring drum sets, hand drums, percussion instruments, hardware, accessories, and unique drum gifts.

Something that really makes Drums Etc. unique is our state of the art drum repair facility offering everything from drum rewraps to installing new drum heads.

We also provide multiple rooms for drum lessons with top of the line drum gear to deliver an exceptional and inspiring experience for students.

drums etc lesson room
drums etc lesson room
drums etc drum kit selection
drums etc drum kit selection

What's your experience been like running a drum shop?

Running a drum shop is a drummer’s dream. Drums Etc. is truly a music hub for local and traveling drummers.

The hardest part remains mass communication with drummers.

The store “stock” is comprised of the wants/needs of local players. If there’s something that drummer’s want to see, demo, and inevitably purchase the store is always looking for feedback.

We have no intention of staying “the same”. We will continue to innovate and provide the gear that modern drummers want, in addition to, the preowned gear we love!

What's something drummers might not know about Drums Etc.?

In 2023, Drums Etc. became the organizers of the Pennsylvania Drum Show. The PA show is the 2nd longest running drum show in the country, behind the Chicago Drum Show.

Jack Lawton, founder and showrunner since 1995, entrusted the show to Adam and the Drums Etc. team to take the show to a new level.

The annual show will celebrate its 27th year in November of 2024 and in subsequent years as an annually recurring event!

We are always curious about the top selling products at our local drum shops. What's yours?

We continue to navigate the retail space of drums and percussion by constantly adapting to new trends, whilst relying on trusty products.

Product sales stagger and vary, but we are constantly selling drumheads and sticks. The “Breakables” are always needed by our well established drumming community.

Tell us about your podcast.

We are always watching the trends come and go in our industry.

We talk about this a lot on our podcast “Drum Key” that was started in 2023.

We feature guests including local drummers, in addition to, drum industry representatives. This is a fantastic source for all things drumming.

What can the drum community expect from your shop in the upcoming year?

In 2024, our community can expect an increased number of events.

We host a monthly drum circle, in addition to, a monthly Masterclass!

Our drum circles each feature an experienced facilitator who teaches West African rhythms and beyond. It is all ages and is a fantastic way for folks to dip their toe into drumming.

Our Drums Etc Masterclass Series has a killer lineup of experienced drummers and percussionists. Each class has a unique topic and format. Some are hands on with practice pads & drums set up; Others are more lecture based. Topics range from drum set, percussion, maintenance, soloing and genre specific styles.

The 27th Annual PA Drum Show will happen again in November at Mickey’s Black Box! Our drum show features tons of vintage drum dealers, major industry brands (Zildjian, Ludwig, Paiste, Meinl ETC), educational talks, and clinics and more!

Each year we step up to new challenges and will continue to do so for our drumming community!

drums etc cymbals
drums etc cymbals
drums etc. snares
drums etc snares

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