Snare Drum Dampening Tricks & Accessories

tape on snare drum

A snare drum can make or break a live or studio recording. Snare dampening is an effective method for cutting out highs, creating a fat drum sound, and delivering a desirable snare tone for any kit and scenario. Whether you are familiar with drum dampening and looking for a new tool or you are just getting into dampening this guide will be of use!

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best snare drum dampeners, from classic choices like Moon Gels and Big Fat Snare Drum to unconventional options like personal items we hope you enjoy the list below.

drum head

Moon Gels are a staple in the drumming world, loved for their simplicity and effectiveness. These small, translucent pads adhere easily to the drumhead, allowing drummers to customize the level of dampening by adding or removing them. Moon Gels are renowned for providing a controlled and focused sound while preserving the drum’s natural tone.

Typically placed on the batter heads, these are also great on bottom heads to cut out unwanted overtones and resonance. 


wallet on snare drum

Don’t overlook simple personal items like your wallet which can create equally great tones from your drums. This is a great tip as it’s cost effective (as long as you don’t go spending those precious dollar bills staring at you) and can be a life saver when you are in a pinch at a gig or studio and left your other dampeners at home during a gig.

big fat snare drum on floor tom

It seems every drummer has a Big Fat Snare Drum laying around somewhere these days and for good reason. With a variety of options to choose from, BFSD is famous for helping drummers create a fat and beefy snare sound. Slap one of these on just about any snare drum and you’ll get a desirable tone.

BFSD is also great on floor toms for killing resonance and creating a quick, punchy attack.

tape on snare drum

Using tape to dampen or alter the tone of drums is nothing new, but often overlooked. Especially great for cutting out unwanted high frequencies that often occur with snares and toms, give tape a try before you spend money on more costly products. Sometimes a little bit of tape is all you need to get the perfect drum mix. 

Any tape will due from duct to electrical, but Gaff tape is commonly recommended as it tears easily and doesn’t leave a strong residue. 

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